BEng (Hons), AMIEE

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I am a senior software engineer with significant experience in the design of complex software systems. Good communications skills and familiarity with the issues associated with working in a multi-national company. Extensive knowledge of C++, Visual Basic and Delphi programming language; familiar with many other languages. An effective and organised thinker with proven capability in analysis and development of successful solutions, significant experience in working with XML, and a consuming interest in improving the process of software development.


Software Engineering   Design (systems, architectural, detailed), process improvement, systems integration, Unified Modelling Language, maintenance and release of software, configuration management, object technology, project management, object-oriented analysis, design and programming.
Programming Tools   Integrated Development Environments, programming languages (Visual C++, C, Assembler, Visual Basic, Delphi, AWK, PERL), Unix command line tools (e.g. grep), version control tools (Clearcase, Visual Sourcesafe), Yacc/Lex parser tools.
Operating Systems   Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000), Real Time Operating Systems (Nucleus Plus, OSE), Unix and Linux
Internet Technologies   Extensible Markup Language and Standardised General Markup Language, Document Object Model, XMetaL (use, customisation and integration with server systems), Document Type Definition construction, Simple Object Access Protocol, HyperText Markup Language, XML Authority.
Other relevant experience   Word processing, spreadsheets, relational databases, Microsoft Project 98, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Windows 2000 Advanced Server setup and administration, Virtual Private Networks and Wide Area Networks.
Languages   French (London Chambers of Commerce & Industry intermediate level pass)


SoftQuad Limited, St. Albans.

SoftQuad develop and market a number of products relating to the Extensible Markup Language (XML), including MarketAgility and XMetaL. SoftQuad made me redundant prior to their purchase by Corel Corporation.

UK Professional Services (October 2000 to February 2002)

SoftQuad's Professional Services operation in the UK deals with customisation and integration of their XMetaL product to meet the needs of specific clients.

SENIOR APPLICATIONS ENGINEER (October 2000 to February 2002)

ALSTOM T&D Protection & Control Ltd, Stafford.

ALSTOM T&D Protection and Control develop and market devices that protect power systems against damage and measure various power system quantities.

MiCOM Feeder Protection Development (May 1997 to October 2000)

The MiCOM range of relays was a new line of products based on common hardware and software designs; the MiCOM Feeder Protection Relay was primarily aimed at protection at substation level, but can be applied at transmission levels as required.

SENIOR ENGINEER (March 1999 to October 2000)

During this period, I developed major parts of the protection software architecture, investigated problems, fixed defects and produced new releases. I documented the Feeder protection product in a series of web pages, set our policy for maintenance of the product, and defined and assisted in planning development of future enhancements to the product. I also deputised for the project leader on a number of occasions, and played a leading role in the Software Process Improvement Group.

ENGINEER (May 1997 to March 1999)

As an Engineer, I was given more responsibility, and was appointed lead software developer for the Feeder protection relay development project. In this capacity, I led a five-member cross-project team to develop a common architecture that was re-used in four products. I defined a standard Application Programming Interface that simplified the development of new software components, and planned the integration of the common components as well as those specific to the product on which I was working. Conscious of the hidden costs of poor software quality, I instituted a design and code review process that not only reduced defects in the software, but also acted to educate less experienced developers in best practices for development.

LFZR Distance Protection Development (August 1991 to May 1997)

LFZR is an advanced numerical protective relay aimed at 100kV+ overhead or underground cables between power stations and main substations.

ENGINEER (March 1996 to May 1997)

During this part of the development, I was central to development and testing of critical software logic functions. I managed and planned releases of software to production, and took responsibility for correction of defects in a substantial body of software written by a sub-contract company. My interest in software quality was sparked at this time, and I wrote a detailed C language coding standard that constituted the basis of the company coding standard.

JUNIOR ENGINEER (August 1991 to March 1996)

As a Junior Engineer, I did various design jobs: initially in hardware design, and then moving onto the software design team to create the Basic Input and Output System software.

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